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Medicine Articles
Pharmacology is the study of chemicals or drugs and the effect they have on the living animals. Introduction to pharmacology seeks to explain clearly what drugs are, what bodies do to them and their effect on body functions. Pharmacology explains the reason for people to experience side effects and why the action of drugs is different for different people. Everyone has relied on pharmaceutical products in life so it is important to basically understand pharmacology.
A drug is a chemical which interacts with body proteins to bring a physiological function which is the general idea behind each medicine. When the chemicals are absorbed into a systemic circulation they tend to bind with specific proteins therefore changing how the cell functions slightly. Side effects occur because the drug will not specifically interact with only one type of protein [...]
In most cases, a licensed nurse is not entitled to prescribe medication. Nurses may treat patients and carry out some medical procedures under the assistance or guidance of a doctor and also give drug dosages prescribed by doctors. Pharmacology courses gives the nurses additional information and training on dosing and drugs. The courses could be unavailable for nurses.
A course in nursing pharmacology gives a nurse an additional training in the area of pharmacology. The courses are called pharmacology for nurses or basic pharmacology. Depending on the desire, the training courses can be undertaken while you study for a nursing degree, be it a bachelor's or an associate's degree [...]
The courses for pharmacology are of different levels which vary quite widely, the determinant being the target audience and the institute. Therefore, keenly read the course description to be sure that the level of details is appropriate for your needs. If the course is part of pharmacist or pharmacology degree, consult the registrar to be assured that the course is appropriate. If you take a pharmacology course as an elective or a minor specialty, ensure that they have the necessary background to understand every concept being presented.
Pharmacology classes combine both practical application and theory. The smaller the class, the more the instructor can provide individual attention to every student. For pharmacology courses, it is crucial to grasp the actual techniques and theory because the techniques are the basis for every subsequent study. The program involves combining biological and chemical analysis skills [...]
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